Meet Mervin Budram

Mervin Budram is a Belizean entrepreneur, business consultant, gospel recording artist, worship leader, motivational speaker, creative and philanthropist. Mervin’s passion lies in making a difference in the world by developing leaders, inspiring creativity and bringing dreams to life. In 2012, Mervin married the love of his life, Ruth and together they have three beautiful daughters, Chloe, Grace and Iva.

Mervin is more than a visionary – he’s a man of action. He is the founder and director of TAS Belize Limited, Budram Solutions and Roots & Honor Creative Music Group. He is co-founder of Innovate Belize Summit, a Platform that brings together innovation and thought leadership in belize to talk, listen and ask questions. His servant leadership extends through his home, community, country and beyond.

Through music, motivational speaking and training & development he provides encouragement, advice, tools and experience to strengthen and spur people to courage and hope.

Mervin passionately pursues his vision of whole people that know God and express God freely.

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