Belize Virtual Music Festival

Mervin Budram – MD performed the Belize Virtual Music Festival on May 1st, 2020 along with other popular Belizean artists such as Nello Player, Denise Castillo, J Cas, Sam Harris, Ardian “Doc” Martinez, Bastic, Jay Cue, Ras Indio, Bad Gyal Sharon, Brad Pattico, Altee Gaafar/Jean Brooks & Suppa G.

In light of the ongoing global pandemic, The artists of Belize are uniting to promote the importance of social distancing to the local population and provide entertainment to Belizeans at home and abroad. The online concert will be broadcasted via social live stream. The concert will be produced from the living rooms of artists from all over the country along with video interviews from various health professionals and workers from relevant government institutions. The entire production will be done with a team of professionals in music and entertainment without anyone having to travel or leave their homes, further emphasizing the importance of social distancing and a call to everyone to find solutions to protect themselves in this crisis.

The concert can be viewed below. Mervin’s performance is roughly 20 mins into the program.

Belize’s First Virtual Music Festival is a COVID19 Artist fundraiser event to assist the local artist of Belize. We do encourage all to support Mervin Budram – MD and all the Belizean artists by making a financial contribution to

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