People Like You…

My parents raised us to respect all people, cultures, and religious beliefs.  It didn’t matter who the person was, what their life circumstances dealt them, or what they believed; we…
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Step Out

I’ve been thinking a lot about what one of my mentors spoke to me years ago. He said, “Mervin step out and do what God has placed in your heart.”…
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Belizean Christmas Vol 3

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BELIZEAN CHRISTMAS CONCERT❤️☀️🌎 Let the love and joy of this holiday season fill your heart, make this an event to attend, an event to reshape your hearts, thinking and life.…
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Legacy Summer Conference 2016

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Mervin & Ruth are the directors for Legacy Youth Movement, an interdenominational, nonprofit Christian youth organization geared toward equipping, empowering and mentoring youths within Belize and beyond; It’s our desire…
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Entrepreneurship Symposium

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“Motivate, Encourage, Nurture, Unlock” November 17th, 2014- The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service Beltraide on behalf of the University of Belize (UB) and in partnership with the U.S. Embassy Belize, held the annual Entrepreneurship Symposium…
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