Creative Monday Discussion \\ Building a life you will be proud of (Episode 22)

Whether it’s making financial, personal, ethical, or health decisions, we all come to a point in our life’s journey where we need to make a major change to effectively build a life we can be proud of.

On the November 16th episode of the Creative Monday Discussion show, Mervin Budram will be joined by Melanie Escalante, a certified vision & strategy coach out of Belize; as well as Kenishia S. Mais, a Jamaican Entrepreneur, Millennial Money Maven, and CEO of ThrivingDollars Company Limited.

They will pull the veil back on the hard choices and strategic steps taken to get the successful results they are experiencing.

The show is live on Facebook, YouTube as well as on The National Channel (TNC Channel 10) in Belize

Watch the full interview below:

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