Creative Monday Discussion \\ Kidpreneurs – Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas! (Episode 24)

People sometimes question whether a kid can truly be an entrepreneur. Sure, they can have a lemonade stand or something like that, but does any kid have what it takes to be a “real” entrepreneur? The answer to that question is YES! Age doesn’t determine someone’s entrepreneurial spirit!

On the November 30th episode of the Creative Monday Discussion show, Mervin Budram was joined by 5-year-old Amani Nia Budd, the owner of Baby Lips Natural Lipgloss, 11-year-old Gia Castillo, owner of Gia’s Tie Dye World; 9-year old Noelli Sabido who founded Noelli’s Treasures, and 9-year old Zaira Rodriguez; a dancer, artist, and freelance entrepreneur.

They are all Belizean kidpreneurs with BIG dreams. They are perfect examples of what a kid can accomplish when they put their mind to it. They have some great insights into what it’s like to be a Kidpreneur and what it takes to succeed.

Watch the full episode below:

We were able to invest $200 into each kidpreneurs business thanks to the partnership of Plett’s Electronics, TAS Belize Limited, Formosa Cafe, Coaching with Melanie, Belize Virtual Center, The Art Shack, Summit Account. Bz, Studio A, Visual by Glenn Patrick, and Bellavi’s Bistro.

The show is live on Facebook, YouTube as well as on The National Channel (TNC Channel 10) in Belize

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