Creative Monday Show Season 3 Episode 1 \\ Dreams don’t work unless you do

Starting and growing a business is not a walk in the park. It requires tenacity, perseverance, and sacrifice. The journey has its fill of joy, tears, setbacks, and victories. Many have the dream of owning their own business. But the truth is, the dreams are there to inspire and motivate you, they don’t work unless you do.

On the February 15th episode of the Creative Monday Discussion show, Mervin Budram will be joined by Katia Hoare, Marvin Gonzalez, and Cherene Rivero, all Belizean entrepreneurs, and business owners who pushed through adversities to achieve their current success.

Watch the full episode below:

The show is live on Facebook, YouTube as well as on The National Channel (TNC Channel 10) in Belize

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