Creative Monday Show Season 3 Episode 2 \\ Skill Training and Support

We are in a season of great disruption where so many have been displaced in their professional careers and having to learn new skills to effectively pivot and survive. Equally true, we are also in a season of massive entrepreneurial innovation where dreams and vision are being pursued and realized. Regardless of where we are at on our journey, our attitude will determine altitude.

On the February 22nd episode of the Creative Monday Discussion show, Mervin Budram will be joined by Debbie Jollie from Trinidad & Tobago, Michelle Samuels from St. Lucia, and Yvette Gill from Belize. These entrepreneurs all have personal experience in starting over, pivoting & building a life/career despite the challenges surrounding them. They’re passionate about investing in people and have a wealth of experience in personal as well as professional development.

Watch the full episode below:

The show is live on Facebook, YouTube as well as on The National Channel (TNC Channel 10) in Belize

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