Georgetown Community Outreach

On August 24th, 2019 MD and the R1pple 3ffect Band had the great opportunity to go into Georgetown Village, A Garifuna community in the southern part of Belize, and serve the community through music, sharing of our personal stories and giving back. It’s our goal that through this community outreach, people will be encouraged, inspired and step into a greater place of wholeness in their lives by us being there.

WHY GEORGETOWN? Two members from the band, Kevin Nandez, and Dale Kevan Guzman are originally from Georgetown and Mervin Budram is also a native resident of Dangriga which is a part of the southern community to make up southern Belize. It’s an opportunity for us to go back home to LOVE, & SERVE.

Mervin Budram – MD live at Georgetown Community Center

The Band took the stage with a Garifuna song led by @i_am_kevin_nandez. It was amazing to hear the audience singing and worshiping in their native language. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us and supported us in making this outreach a success.

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