Graphic Design for Small Business Masterclass

Facilitator: Mervin Budram | Date: Sat, February 26th, 2022 | Investment; $80 BZD/ $40 USD | Sign Up Here

I am putting together a series of Masterclasses for Caribbean entrepreneurs, small businesses owners & startups looking to learn practical, fundamental skills to better enhance their brand, improve their online presence, and market & grow their business in 2022. I am starting with a ‘Graphic Design’ masterclass on Saturday, February 26th, 2022. I plan on training from 9:30 AM – 12 Noon.

I have over 15 years of experience in graphic design, content creation, and branding. I am proficient in Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc) as well as Canva. As a business owner & entrepreneur who has launched and branded several startups/ ventures over the years, I understand time demands when having to wear multiple hats, the need to crank out high quality, visually appealing content fast, and to do both with a small or often no team.

Therefore, I am packaging this masterclass with skill training, design process and fundamentals coupled with proven tactics & strategies learned over the years. My goal is to give the right tools to accelerate the creative process and save the business owner/ entrepreneur time.

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Hi! My name is Mervin Budram
I am a Brand Strategist, Content Creator, Motivational Speaker, Business Owner & Entrepreneur. I am passionate about building a healthy business community & inspiring people to freedom and wholeness.