Mervin Budram & Joshua Ali at the Night of Worship 2019 (Dangriga)

On September 21, Mervin Budram & International Gospel artist, Joshua Ali, traveled to Dangriga for a Night of Worship at Faith Family Worship Center. Mervin opened the night with worship with his original song ‘Purpose’ & ‘Take the Praises Higher.’ He then went into a deeper time of worship with popular worship songs such as ‘Do It Again,’ ‘Build my Life’ to name a few. During the time of worship, the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident in the room and impress on Mervin to sing a new prophetic song… “You find me in my weakness, you find me in my brokenness and you give me strength, you restore my life. That’s why I turn to You, I look to You” 

Live at Night of Worship in Dangriga

Joshua Ali then continued the time of worship as he took the stage with the song “Good Good Father’ He invited the audience to leave the comfort of their seat to unify together to sing ‘Raise a Hallelujah’. Ali went on to sing some of his original songs such as ‘Blanket,’ ‘Shine’ and he debut ‘Are You Ready.’

The night was electrifying and the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident. Both Mervin & Joshua are scheduled for another night of worship in November.

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