MD at Belize Christian Academy

MD released a raw mix of his newest single titled ‘Giant Slayer (Swing Bala Bing)’ in 2014 which is kicking up a storm everywhere it has been played in Belize. Listeners claim that the song is exactly what is needed in the intercessory closet of prayer. MD opens up the song with a declaration stating “The line has been drawn in the sand, and today you must choose which side you will be on…” He goes on in the verse depicting the famous battle between the young boy David & Golioth, the oppressor of that day and age. MD encourage listeners through this song that like David, they can face their giants and take them out using the weapons God has given them.

Swing Bala Bing as it’s commonly known, has won the hearts of many kids, teenagers and adults. MD made the front page newsletter of Belize Christian Academy for successfully leading 80% of the kids into the famous “Swing Bala Bing” action at their 2014 Children’s Day rally. [Click to Read Belize Christian Academy 2014 November Newsletter here.]. So what’s next for MD & Swing Bala Bing? Stay tune and keep reading as plans for 2015 will be on it’s way.

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