MD & The R1pple 3ffect Band Love Feast 2015

The year is quickly coming to an end and many are gearing up for the Christmas followed by the New Year. This is the case for MD and The R1pple 3ffect Band who met December 12th, 2015 to reflect, evaluate their efforts in 2015 and strategize for 2016. The year was filled with a lot of ‘FIRST” for the group.

There was the release of MD’s first EP titled “Giant Slayer” (Buy from Itunes, Amazon, CDBaby, & stream from Spotify) followed by the release of the group’s first music video, ‘Giant Slayer Music.’

The band conversation continued as they discussed the successful execution of their first official country tour off MD’s single, “Giant Slayer Tour.” The tour featured other Belizean Artist namely David Smith, Omar ‘MessnJah’ Petillo, Pastor Winford Smith amongst others. Finally, the group concluded the night with a love feast of appreciation for God’s goodness in 2015 as well as their commitment to the vision. Certificates & awards of appreciation were exchange followed by an extended time of games, laughters, and simply being #R1pple.

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