NEW MUSIC: On Our Knees (Live from Arkansas)

On March 26th, 2019, Mervin Budram – MD release ‘On Our Knees live from Arkansas’ on all digital online outlet. Mervin went on to say that worship has always been a key part of his life. He recalls as an 11-year-old coming home from school, putting on Winds of Worship Vol 6-8, pulling out articles of worship and laying in his bed praying, reading, and meditating. Mervin said that his prayer was simple…

“God I want my worship to shift the atmosphere where ever I go.”

– Mervin’s childhood prayer

Fast forward a few years, and Mervin has led worship all over. While in Arkansas, USA, he was privileged to release an original ’On Our Knees’ at The Rock of NWA church pastored by Apostle Todd & Autumn Murner.

‘Mervin Budram – MD Live at The Rock of NWA’

Our Knees Live at The Rock of NWA by MD Now available on Spotify, Apple Music and on

Mervin’s desire is that the song ministers to listeners; He prayers that all who hears it are encouraged in your personal worship before Yahweh. View the lyrics by clicking here.

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