MD Released Take The Praises Higher Featuring Stephen Murphy

There is POWER in our praise & worship and MD and Stephen Murphy is reminding the church of this truth through MD’s latest single “Take The Praises Higher.” Scripture is filled with examples of men and women who faced intense hardship in life for example Job, David and MD’s favorite, Paul & Silas. All these men, when faced with trials chose to give God praise and we see through scripture how God responded with power because of their praise. Mervin is inviting the church to go higher in praise as they face resistance and challenges.

On July 27th, 2016 MD is releasing his new single to the public and he will make it available for FREE download for TWO DAYS to everyone on his mailing list. If you’re NOT on MD’s mailing and would like to receive the FREE download simple follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up to MD mailing list
  2. Follow two of MD’s Social platform (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram)
  3. Share a positive comment about the song on your timeline using Hashtags #TakeThePraisesHigher & #MDMusicMinistry
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