There have been many books on the topic of purpose so I am not about to reinvent the meaning of it, but what I will do is to remind you of what it means. The great Google Search depicts the meaning as follows:- “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.” How about YOU! What is your purpose?

Many of us are on this earth not knowing our purpose, when it is with purpose that we are created. If you do not know what your purpose is, then I suggest that you ask God. It is very simple. And, if you are really wanting to know what that is, then you need to be attentively listening to what God has to say to you about what your purpose is in this earthly life. I encourage you to read the book of Esther. It is a great story about purpose. Keep in mind the meaning of the word purpose, as stated above. The first thing you must understand is that, we as individuals, do not create our own purpose. Simply because we did not create our ourselves. We were created by God and thus, have a purpose which He has set for us. So do not be misguided when it comes to fulfilling your purpose.

Esther was chosen to be queen by king Ahasuerus. Of course, that choice was not of his doing alone. God had a huge say in that choice. Esther’s role as queen was not her purpose. Her purpose as queen was set out by God. Without getting into all the details, lets look at how I come about explaining God’s purpose. In Chapter 3 of Esther, Haman has already put his plans in motion. With that being said, when we put our own purposes into effect, we can learn through Haman’s misguidedness, that those plans may come to fruition, however at great cost to us. And sometimes or most times, it never goes according to plan. As I continue to explain, Mordecai sends out a rather strong reminder to Esther saying that just because she is the queen, it does not exclude her from the king’s decree to annihilate all the Jews in all his 127 provinces. Remember, that her being queen was not her true purpose (in life). But her being queen was the avenue that God used in order to fulfill His purpose.

Folks, we can not confuse this thing about purpose. We may be here on this earth. We may be titans of our own domain(s). CEOs, Doctors, Lawyers, owners of successful businesses, Pastors, husbands, mothers, music leader, etc., but that does not mean that because you are whatever it is you are, that the enemy’s decree to destroy, to steal and kill you has made you somewhat insusceptible. Your status plays no role. But like Esther, we go before our creator, our God, and ask Him to show us His purpose and how we can fulfil that. And when he does, walk it out through faith, believing that He is able to bring you through whatever that task is. That is your purpose.

How is your walk with the Lord today?

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